Welcome to Senior Support Network!

Welcome to Senior Support Network!

Let “Our Family” Help Your Family!


Our Mission:

Senior Support Network is committed to enhancing the lives of those we work with through on-site supportive counseling, psychotherapy, and memory care. By providing quality and compassionate services for residents of assisted living facilities and their families, we strive to help seniors prolong independence and improve overall quality of life.

It is our goal to provide personalized care focusing on one’s individuality and unique strengths and experiences, to create an environment and support system for residents and prospective residents.


Our Philosophy:

Our success is accomplished through our dedication to building meaningful relationships and effective communication, not just with our clients and their family members, but by partnering with their community as well.

Senior Support Network clinicians are licensed, trained, and ethically bound caring professionals with extensive experience in assessing the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of seniors. With our support, motivation, and encouragement, individuals are able to develop a stronger sense of confidence, and are motivated to increase their socialization within the community they are a part of.