Our Staff


Senior Support Network provides superior mental health services to residents of assisted living communities. We take great pride in our staff of caring professionals and in our unique ability to provide the right combination of experience, training, and personal compatibility to match the needs of each individual client and community.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of licensed social workers and psychologists who provide therapy and supportive counseling to residents and their families. We provide a comprehensive approach of assessment, treatment planning, service coordination, and advocacy. Our clinicians are patient and encouraging, but most importantly, they are respectful of the unique concerns and issues experienced by seniors and their caregivers.

Specializing in the areas of geriatric counseling, mental health, medical social work, and memory functioning, our clinicians offer assistance to seniors and their families in managing the feelings and emotions associated with the aging process, the loss of independence, and other major life changes.

All Senior Support Network therapists have a master’s degree and state licensure to practice in a clinical setting. We are committed to employing professionals with the highest caliber of competence and integrity. Our licensed clinicians practice under the auspices of supervisory clinical social work staff and PhD level psychologists, and are rigorously trained in the special needs of each individual resident and community.

Alyssa Friedman, LMSW is the founder and President/CEO of Senior Support Network, LLC. She earned an undergraduate degree in Child and Family Studies from Syracuse University, and went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University.

Alyssa has spent her professional career working with seniors, both in assisted living facilities and outpatient mental health clinics, providing direct clinical therapy services and memory training sessions. She also specializes in therapies for victims of stroke and traumatic brain injury. She has developed an expertise in the process of cognitive decline and the sensitive issues that come along with aging. Alyssa uses supportive counseling and strength based therapies to promote a sense of resiliency and independence in the individuals she works with. Her emphasis is on how organization, support, and guidance can play an important role in creating a positive transition into life in an assisted living community.