Services we provide

Services we provide

- Evaluations/Assessments – Psychosocial intakes are completed to better understand the level of care required and the systemic supports involved, in order to assess each individual’s overall well-being. Assessments help determine appropriate services and resources, and assist in the process of treatment planning. Initial cognitive assessments are offered to assess memory concerns and follow-up quarterly evaluations are conducted to monitor progress.

-Supportive Counseling – Empowerment and encouragement are provided to help individuals manage feelings associated with the changes in their environment and to increase their level of independence. Through strength based counseling, clinicians help individuals develop positive coping strategies to better handle stressors and adjustment to major life changes.

-Psychotherapy – Many older adults suffer from depression and/or anxiety as a result of changes in their environment or physical/cognitive abilities. Some might benefit from the individual attention provided by one on one counseling, but have never sought out help. Our clinicians use a range of therapeutic modalities and various forms of individual talk-therapy to assist their clients. Therapy is focused on the individual’s successful adjustment to their new environment, helping manage feelings associated with loss, grief, and bereavement, and achieving a healthier and more positive outlook on life. Our clinicians work with treating psychiatrists to ensure the best overall treatment of ongoing mental health concerns.

-Cognitive Testing & Memory Training Therapies – We offer a specific memory enhancement program designed for both those who desire a preventative approach to future memory decline, as well as those currently experiencing memory deficits related to concentration, attention, and memory recall.

-Health and Behavior Services – We address and monitor a wide range of medical conditions, physical health concerns, diagnoses, and symptoms that affect one’s daily functioning and emotional well being.

-Interventions for Behavior Management – We address common behavioral problems and concerns such as wandering and issues related to personal care. This might be based on the recommendation of community staff or at the request of family.

-Ongoing CommunicationCooperation with site staff and family members, as needed, to provide a “teamwork approach to care” including all systemic supports.

-Referrals – Clinicians make referrals to appropriate resources as needed.